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The Dream Index

Production Year:  1998

A performance spectacle of haunting beauty, searing images and operatic dementia. Performative mathematics, random acts of violence and irrational slippages from pedestrian routines. Conversations with the collective unconscious via Freud, Jung, Dali, and Breton, with the Lieberstod aria from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde a recurring leitmotif. German operatic constructions of love, death and transfiguration collide with a surreal Australian experience of beauty, pathos and strangeness.

"Version 1.0 is a confident manifestation of a new initiative springing up despite a limited number of training grounds for young performing artists."
Caitlin Newton-Broad, City Hub



The Dream Index is a study in image, a prototype for paradox. How does one create an index of dreams? How can the fluid subjective fantasy align and be reconciled with the formatted objective? Can mathematics be surreal? Can dreams be deconstructed in terms of logic? And how can the dream be represented in the moment of performance, with the inescapable presence of the real human body?

Thus The Dream Index is an experiment, a meditation on form and content. It has been realised by the collated visions of the version 1.0 network in a short, intensive period. A whirlwind of dinner parties and arguments. Conceptual and choreographic maps developed over four weeks and overlayed onto bodies in four days. A nightmare indeed. That The Dream Index has anything resembling coherence and beauty is a tribute to the tireless dedication of all concerned. I thank you for your faith and a licence to mine your dreams.

- David Williams, version 1.0, June 1998

Production Credits

Devised and performed by: Angie Macnevin, Chenoeh Miller, Jane Parkin, David Williams, Damon Young, Keith Kempis
Additional performers: Mark Byrne, Mark Franklin, Jonathan Guile, Michael Wilkins, Geoff Wilkinson, Renton Wright
Lighting by: the Fibre Cement Company (Craig Anderson and Tony Walters), and David Parkin.
Sound by: Tania Payne

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